The project has the main intent to allow a group of young people to explore and discover how to
live and collaborate together, as a community. This, while listening and respecting their own
needs, people around them and natural resources.
Therefore, the youth exchange will take place in an Ecovillage: an actual community based on
environmental sustainability and co-living. The purpose is to provide the participants with tools,
to put into practice their values in the society that surrounds them.
“Build Your Own Surrounding” will encourage young participants to:
❖ discover and enhance personal qualities, in order to increase confidence in one’s abilities and
therefore the spirit of initiative;
❖ rediscover a sense of belonging to a community, made of people, values, shared goals;
❖ learn positive practices for environmental protection;
❖ reflect on consumption patterns, economic growth and decrease, current production models
and eco-sustainable alternatives;
❖ carry out autonomous initiatives outside the project;
❖ put inventiveness, initiative and entrepreneurship into practice;
❖ develop collaborative skills (team-working);
❖ managing multicultural and dynamic aggregation moments;
❖ find a natural rhythm and connect better with their inner life.
The project involves 37 people, including participants (max. 30 years old) and youth workers
(16 and over), from five European countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherland and Croatia.
The youth exchange provides 9 days of sharing activities, based on non-formal and
experiential learning practices. The whole group will be involved in different types of activity,
such as:.
❖ Collaboration with the inhabitants of the ecovillage in common work as cooking, building and gardening
❖ Workshops to learn about intentional communities and communal living;
❖ Activities related to emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication;
❖ Brainstorming and debates on environmental issues;
❖ Activities to encourage creativity and initiative of the participants.

Youth Exchange: 17th – 27th June 2022 (arrival and departure days included).

For more info and to participate: send an email to:

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